Nurtured amidst the rugged environs of a ranch in South Central Alberta, Shiloh matured as the youngest amidst 5 siblings before her family transplanted to the Robson Valley in British Columbia. The essence of her upbringing, intertwined with memories of her late cowboy father, intricately manifests within the tapestries of her songs.

After relocating to Vancouver, Shiloh encountered the seasoned producer John Ellis, initiating a collaborative endeavour resulting in the 2005 recording “For My Smoke” – a melodic anthology steeped in wry, unadorned wit, encapsulating the tribulations and triumphs of burgeoning artists navigating an urban landscape. Subsequent years witnessed Shiloh’s fruitful alliance with drummer and producer Kirk Douglas, culminating in the 2010 release of “Western Violence & Brief Sensuality” – an emotive opus reminiscent of the ballads of Emmylou Harris and the haunting narratives of American folklore.

A romance disillusioned amidst the rich tapestry of Halifax, Nova Scotia, inspired the introspective acoustic EP “Bloomfield & Isleville,” self-produced in 2016. The poignant allure of tracks like “For the Western” marked Shiloh’s resurgence in Vancouver, where she unveiled her latest EP during a quintessentially Canadian VIA Rail Performers On Board. Engaging in profound conversations with a retired engineer amidst the limited confines of the dining car, she found herself ensconced in the echoes of bygone eras, from the haunting spectres of buffalo to the poignant landscapes immortalized in John Prine’s “Paradise.” A brief interlude in Fort McMurray the ensuing year confronted her with the stark realities of human greed and environmental degradation, fuelling her creative ingenuity, epitomized in forthcoming works such as “Black Highway,” slated for release in 2024.